Who we are

Empowering children to overcome life's challenges

     Pais Counseling and Youth Development Center, a subsidiary of House of Pais, Inc., is a not-for-profit organization established by Dr. Feryle Cooper in 1988 to provide counseling and preventative services to children and adolescents in the Saint Louis Metropolitan area. The center's mission is to provide supportive services to children and their families to help effectively over-come life's challenges. Pais staff also work closely with the children's families so they can develop the tools they need to achieve their child's full potential.

     In 1994, House of Pais, Inc., expanded their reach into the Saint Louis community by providing affordable housing in the University City neighborhood. In 2000, House of Pais, Inc., doubled their efforts breaking ground on a new single family development to assist low income families.

     In 2010, Pais made its new home in the Academy neighborhood of Saint Louis, Missouri, 5057 Ridge Avenue. Assisting the community in providing a clean, safe environment for its residence, Pais expanded their reach in 2016 through demolishing and repurposing building materials of six vacant and abandoned buildings in the 5000 block of Wells Ave (adjacent to the Pais Building), turning liabilities into assets and increasing property values while decreasing crime and the risk to public health; Re-imagining the productive use of our community.

     During the Covid pandemic, Pais developed a virtual reality group experience that addressed the issues of isolation and emotional regulation for children with physical and developmental disabilities. When people were forced to stay indoors and isolate themselves from others, Pais saw an opportunity to create a unique way for children to connect with each other.  These virtual learning opportunities develop social skills, improve communication skills, sensory enhancement, and levels the physical playing field for increased engagement.